The Best Of Robert Long & Unit GLoria........LP & CD........


The Longplayer “Robert Long & Unit Gloria” including “Our Father” & The Last Seven Days” came out in 1976. On this record are all the big hits.
"The Best of" from the Albums “Mea Semper Vivet” and “This is Robert Long” added with the singles “Heartaches And Sorrow”,  
“Back In The Sun” and  “The Leader”.

The Longplayer was a big success. The record company has brought it out several times with a different cover, also twice as a CD.

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Robert Long & Unit Gloria
including: Our father & The last seven days

Side 1:
1. The last seven days (Möring/Hille)
2. Let us try (Szenkar/Möring)
3. Back in the sun (Blakino/Bergman)
4. Children of peace (Thissen/Dievendal/Bos)
5. The leader (King/Spiro)
6. May each day (Green/Wyle)
7. Daddy who are you (Jongbloed/Hille)

Side 2:
1. Our father (Möring/Hille)
2. I believe in love (Möring/Mikies/Möring)
3. Heartaches and sorrow (Meep/House/Hoss/Long)
4. Old man (Möring/Graham)
5. In the beginning (D’Abo)
6. To make my father proud (Crew/Weiss)
7. What would we do (Möring/Hille)

Producer: Bobby Graham - John Möring - Unit Gloria

Label: Emigold 1A 034-2642 en DAG 103





The Best Of Robert Long & Unit Gloria

The Record was also released in Belgium in 1980, the differents with the
Dutch version was that the back side of the Cover was black.

Label: MFP 1A 022-58006, (Release out of belgium) 4M 026-24382





The Best Of Robert Long & Unit Gloria
This cassette is released in 1980
The songs list is the same as on the LP.

Label: MFP 1A 222-58006





Super series Dutch pop special
Robert Long & Unit Gloria

This Record came out in eighties, the compositions are the
same as the other Best Of Records
( See above )

Label: Emidisc 5C 048-51121





Robert Long & Unit Gloria
The original hit recordings and more

This CD came out in 1990 and 1995 and has the same compositions
on it as the Longplayer.

You can order this CD at

Label: EMI 7944772, EMI 077779447725

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